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Relevant Education and Great Teachers – Part Five

Published December 2, 2016

[Editor’s note: The following is the fifth part of a ten-part series of reflections on education, presented by Wayne Weiseman. These remarks are reprinted from his Facebook site with his permission.]

A Rumination on Relevant Education and Great Teachers (part five)

We are not rejecting the many gifts of our ancestors, nor are we blotting out our future possibilities and hopes for this world. But, if we, as educators, help our students, whoever they may be, to live fully into this very moment, mutual love and respect for all life would shine penultimately throughout our communities and all our existence on this planet earth. We want a life of majesty, mercy, compassion and love. How can we get this? We know that the ideas of wholeness and unity provide a key. By incorporating them as meaningful goals real healing takes place and our human nature is allowed to emerge and come to full expression.

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