Education Consulting Services

Small businesses and nonprofits increase their competitive advantage and strengthen their position with clients and customers when they position employees to succeed. The benefits of our education consulting services include:

  • On-time, in-full delivery of your products and services
  • Consistent quality of your products and services
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Higher volunteer engagement

Here’s what I’ve done for past clients:

  • Replicate Safety Training Solution Enterprise-wide. Reduced time spent on regulatory training by 8 hours per employee annually. Soft savings of $500K across the enterprise.
  • Reduced financial accounting errors produced by employees through standardization of processes and proper training. Error reduction of $230K in first year.
  • Identified 20+ new revenue stream opportunities for a local nonprofit organization; prioritized two that each had potential new revenue of $20K annually.


Learning Meets Quality provides training creation and design services, especially new hire training. We are an authorized agent of Learning Paths International (TM). Benefits of our training-related services include:

  • Reduced time to proficiency
  • Reduced cost of training
  • Full regulatory compliance
  • Increased employee productivity and engagement
  • Improved safety performance

Examples of my past work:

  • Designed manufacturing supervisor training program affecting 400+ supervisors globally. External cost per trainee: $200
  • Designed new hire training program. Reduced time-to-proficiency from 32 weeks to 16 weeks. Savings potential: $5k per trainee
  • Designed training curriculum for chemical reactor operators in a manufacturing company, decreasing training time by 60%
  • Designed training curriculum for technical service representatives. Strategic to increasing market share overseas from 1% to 5%.



1) Revenue Generator Workshop


Give me two hours and I’ll lead your team through an exercise that will generate up to seventy new revenue stream ideas. Experience the power of focused and guided brainstorming. You’ll receive:


  • Assets list
  • SWOT (Strengths; Weaknesses; Opportunities; Threats) analysis
  • Sorted and prioritized list of brainstormed ideas
  • Full written report of workshop results


2) Project Initiation Workshop


This two-hour workshop supplements the Revenue Generator Workshop, and shows your team how to kick off a new project with maximum likelihood of success. You’ll learn the following:


  • Charter a project
  • Write a communication plan
  • Develop a process map
  • Assign roles and responsibilities matrix


3) SPARC Workshop


Learn the power of building partnerships between businesses and nonprofit organizations. This is the best two hours you’ll ever spend for your business or nonprofit. You’ll learn these concepts:

  • Sustainability
  • Partnerships
  • Asset Identification
  • Relationships
  • Commitment


Rick has a very interesting background and range of skills from quality improvement to safety and risk management to instructional design. He is one of the best I’ve seen leading projects and project teams to successful and innovative results. I recommend Rick highly!!

Steve Rosenbaum, President, Learning Paths International

Rick changed the manner of training for both operations and technical people, to improve time to proficiency (reduced by half) as well as increase job satisfaction. He brings a great deal to any project…

Sara Ethier, Senior Environmental Manager, G&K Services

Rick brings together a powerful mix of skills. He has significant process improvement and quality expertise and strong experience in instructional design and training. He also has the vision to see what needs to be done along with the initiative, courage and project leadership skills to make it happen. Together these are a rare and valuable combination.

Ira Kasdan, President, Performance Builders, Inc.

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