I’m delighted to announce that my new book, SPARC: How to Build Sustainable Partnerships, has been published!

This is the second book I’ve self-published using CreateSpace, a service of Amazon. It gets a little easier each time, I found. The process is fairly self-explanatory, and the turnaround time from the Amazon proofers and editors is pretty fast. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to get a book developed and printed, and saves the trouble of trying to court a publisher.


SPARC covers

SPARC covers

One new thing that I tried was to incorporate some of my photographic art into the book. I’m happy with the results. With both books I’ve published, I used my own photography for the cover art. With SPARC, I also displayed my photography at each of the chapter pages.

It’s amazing how many times you can read your manuscript and still overlook certain typos. The brain is funny that way, filling in gaps or making corrections for us. I’m grateful that my sister was willing to use her eagle eye to catch a few errors that must have overlooked a dozen times.

I order some print copies for myself, and I just got word that these are being shipped, so I should see the final copies later this week! I also selected the option of having the book published on Kindle, so you can buy it as an e-book and save a few bucks.

My purpose in publishing this book was to have a platform from which I could promote and hold workshops for local small business owners and nonprofit leaders. In the workshops, I take the attendees through the exercise described in the book, and get them talking to each other. My ultimate goal is to tell the success stories of these new partnerships on my website.

I have a goal of holding at least four workshops in 2018, and up to ten workshops in 2019. By 2020, I hope to start taking the workshop outside of Minnesota.

I’ll continue to write blogs about the contents of the book, and about small businesses and nonprofits who are using SPARC to their advantage. Stay tuned!

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