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1. Small businesses and nonprofit organizations must maximize the value of their organizational assets. Download this free guide that shows you how to create a comprehensive assets inventory, and then leverage it to your best advantage.

Assets Inventory Guide

2. “SPARC a Conversation” with a prospective partner. Use this downloadable guide to remind you to discuss the key SPARC topic areas and take notes about what you hear. Also, jot notes about potential obstacles, and about how to overcome them.

SPARC a Conversation

3. Storytelling is a powerful tool for growing your business, winning clients, and raising funds for your nonprofit. Use this Success Story Writing Guide to craft your own compelling  success story.

Success Story Writing Guide rev1

4. Learning Meets Quality wants to see you preserve your organization’s intellectual capital. Too many organizations fail to document their critical processes. Please download this white paper in which I describe four real-world scenarios illustrating the importance of properly documenting your critical operations processes.

Protect Your Small Business or Nonprofit Against Four Operational Disasters

SPARC Workshop

I believe small businesses grow when they reach out to local nonprofit organizations, engage with them, and support them. Similarly, nonprofit organizations stand to grow when they turn to local small businesses for support. I’ve replaced my previous Strategic Philanthropy workshop with a new and revised SPARC Workshop. Contact me if you would like to bring this workshop to your community. Benefits of the workshop include:

  • a more widely-spread reputation in your local community
  • greater access to human or physical resources than you have now
  • increasing numbers of customers or volunteers
  • further protection against unforeseen risks faced by your business or organization
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