Customer Service and Thanksgiving

25 November 2015

I’m bringing back an old blog on the topic of customer service and Thanksgiving. The anecdote happened last year, but the sentiment still rings true. Enjoy!

From the “You never can tell” file…

I had a chance encounter this morning with a former student of mine. He approached me in the parking lot at the grocery store. He had to nudge my memory – he had changed quite a bit in fifteen years – but I remembered him. He told me he had recently completed his physics degree from Augsburg College, and was now preparing to earn his teaching licensure so he could teach physics. He said the nicest thing, namely, that being in my class he knew he wanted to study physics and teach it. It took him a while to put the pieces together, but he finished the Augsburg program close to ten years after finishing high school, and he’ll finish his teaching program before long. I am honored to think I had any influence in his accomplishments.

The blessing and the curse of being a teacher is that even though you know you influence the lives of your students, you never can tell exactly which ones you reached the most, nor in what ways. When a former student finds you years later and lets you know, it’s a nice payoff.

If you had a teacher who influenced you, find a way to tell them this week. It makes a nice Thanksgiving gift ;0)


What lessons for us as business owners can we take from this story? Customer service and Thanksgiving tie together in this story.

What influence do we have in the lives of our customers?

Maybe it’s a blessing and a curse of being a business owner that you don’t always know when and how you had a positive influence in the lives of your customers. Still, just think of what it might mean for your business if you strove to have a life-shaping impact on your customers. I’m talking about something much greater than, “I delivered my product or service at the price that I quoted.”

I’d like you to comment on the following thought: Can you in your business afford to give your customers an experience of your product or service that is life-shaping or life-changing?

Can you afford not to?

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