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Training Process, not Event

23 June 2014 In my observation, few companies view employee development as a training process, rather than simply as an event. A fatal flaw that many curriculum designers also perpetuate is the notion that employee training is simply an event in the life of the employee, a moment that is frozen in time and fades […]

The Golden Rule and the Art of Deception

18 June 2014 I learned the other day that it is possible to deceive without actually lying. I call this principle the Golden Rule and the Art of Deception. I recently had an encounter with a business owner where I came away feeling duped, while the business owner felt I was being ungrateful for not […]

The Golden Rule is Bad for Business

10 June 2014 In an age when customer service is a bit of a lost art form, it is tempting to fall back on time-tested platitudes like the Golden Rule for guidance. We’ve all grown up with the credo, “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” I say, the Golden Rule actually puts […]

Response: Origins of Innovation

27 May 2014 In a recent blog post in The Wall Street Journal, author Derek Lidow asserts that the real origins of innovation are found in projects, rather than in processes. (Click here to read the blog entry from Derek Lidow ) In simplest terms, Derek Lidow’s distinction between design projects and design processes stands […]

Business Lessons Learned from Students

20 May 2014 I recently had the opportunity to serve as a judge at the annual Career Development Conference put on by Minnesota Collegiate DECA . I learned some good business lessons during my day there. One of my colleague judges was Soma Jurgensen who wrote a recent blog on what she learned from the […]

Operational Risk: Poor Market Penetration

18 May 2014 In today’s entry, I offer an example of a company who faced an opportunity to increase its share of a highly competitive market and grow revenues significantly. In this case, the operational risk was in the category of “the cost of doing nothing.” Disaster #4: Poor market penetration

When Your Training Program Tries to Herd Cats

16 May 2014 Guest Blogger Paula Vene Smith Assigned to help guide risk management at a small college, I came across six words from Rick Swanson: “I see training as risk management.” This simple sentence was eye-opening, and led me to delve further into the resources on Rick’s Learning Meets Quality blog. Some of my […]

Business Process Documentation: Four Risks to Avoid

7 May 2014 In a report from 2011, Pew Research Center stated that 10,000 baby boomers reach retirement age each day†. Further, The Integrity Group released a white paper detailing the projected loss of intellectual property in the Energy industry as legions of industry professionals move on to retirement. †† The projected loss of undocumented […]