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Customer Loyalty

25 October 2015 Let’s talk about customer loyalty. There’s a great lesson in this from television. In Episode 4 of Season 1 of the Andy Griffith Show, new pharmacist Ellie Walker incurs the wrath of Emma, a long-time customer of the pharmacy, when Ellie refuses to hand out Emma’s “special pills” without a prescription. Ellie […]

Repurposing Assets

19 October 2015 In today’s Lesson from Andy, I discuss the risks and benefits of repurposing assets. In Episode 2 of the Andy Griffith Show, entitled, “The Manhunt”, Andy and Barney are on the lookout for an escaped criminal. The criminal eludes them until Andy sets a clever trap. Andy leaves his leaky fishing boat […]

Succession Planning

12 October 2015 This entry continues a series of bog entries I like to describe as “Lessons from Andy”. Today’s topic is succession planning. I’m a fan of the old Andy Griffith Show, and when I went back and watched re-runs recently, I was struck by the life lessons and the business lessons that the […]

What’s Your Risk Score?

12 September 2015 When a business chooses to neglect creating or updating its business documentation, that choice is typically accompanied by an attitude of, “I ought to do it, but nothing bad will happen if I don’t, because nothing bad has happened so far.” A better approach is to determine your risk score and choose […]

Building Business Relationships

11 September 2015 [Editor's note: Please enjoy this follow-up blog from guest author Michael Thomas Sunnarborg on building business relationships.] I wrote in my last blog post about the value of developing and maintaining healthy and balanced business relationships. This week, I will share some tips on how you can build new healthy business relationships […]

Business Relationships: The Keys to True Success

20 August 2015 Guest Blogger: Michael Sunnarborg After returning to Minnesota in 2004, a good friend recommended that I join a local networking group—PACT: Professional Association for Computer Training—to reestablish myself in the twin cities training and development community. At my first meeting, I quickly understood why he’d suggested that group. PACT was alive, active, […]

New Hire Training

18 August 2015 My observations of how organizations manage their new hire training show me there are three common training scenarios: Two or three weeks of training in a job shadowing model; Informal on-the-spot training while the employee begins work immediately; No training at all, the employee is left to sink or swim more or […]

Slow But Steady Wins the Social Media Race

10 August 2015 There’s plenty of discussion about how important a strong social media presence is for one’s business, but there seems to be little agreement about how to go about growing one’s social media footprint. I’m suspicious of most advice I read on this topic, so I’ll avoid painting with a broad brush and […]

Squeaky Wheel Syndrome

6 August 2015 The art of multi-tasking is one that I have yet to master. Oh, you can be sure that I try, and I even can manage multiple tasks simultaneously, but it ain’t pretty, and I’m no master. In my busiest times, I suffer from Squeaky Wheel Syndrome. I’ll explain.