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Relevant Education and Great Teachers – Part One

Published November 8, 2016 [Editor’s note: The following is the first part of a ten-part series of reflections on education, presented by Wayne Weiseman. These remarks are reprinted from his Facebook site with his permission.] A Rumination on Relevant Education and Great Teachers Preface After many years of working as an educator in so many […]

Five Productivity Tips You Can Start Using Today

[Published November 4, 2016] [Editor’s note: This article comes courtesy of guest blogger Andy Scott.] In recent years, work has become infinitely more complex. Technological innovations have led to round-the-clock work schedules and mounting expectations. Our assignments have grown more collaborative, requiring more coordination, conference calls, and meetings. We now face an endless barrage of […]

Roles and Responsibilities

2 April 2016 A key element of any training program is a statement of Roles and Responsibilities (R&R). All robust processes ought to include an R&R matrix of some kind. One example of such a matrix that comes out of Six Sigma practice is called a RACI Matrix. The acronym RACI stands for Responsible, Accountable, […]

Performance Over Head Knowledge

17 March 2016 Time and time again among operations leaders I hear the conversation around a new training initiative begin with, “Here’s what I want them to know.” Seems only natural, right? In effective businesses and organizations, we really ought to be less concerned with what our learners know, and more concerned with their performance. […]

Put On Your Best Face

13 March 2016 In Episode 5 of Season 1 of the Andy Griffith Show, Andy wrongly assumes that Ellie is out to trap him into marriage, so he tries setting her up with other men to avoid an unwanted wedding. Each of the would-be suitors puts on his “best face” in order to win Ellie’s […]

Develop Triple Sight to Transform Your Team

26 February 2016 Guest blogger: Soma Datta, Strategic Content Developer, Learning Designer, Author, Speaker There’s been a raging debate about the value of feedback since 2002 when Marshall Goldsmith brought the idea of feedforward out of management theory and into the coaching industry. I’ll delve into the meaning of feedforward a little later in this […]

One More Spreadsheet

14 February 2016 We all work in a world where the amount of data generated increases exponentially. Managing all that data becomes its own task among the many tasks we are charged with each day. As a population, our familiarity with spreadsheets has grown to a point where many of us now know enough about […]

Lessons from Math Puzzles

30 January 2016 You’ve all seen them by now, these math puzzles on LinkedIn and Facebook, and judging by their popularity a good many of you have responded and posted an answer to show your cleverness. I’m talking about the math puzzle-graphics that look something like this:

Waste Money on Software

15 January 2016 If your company or organization regularly trains your employees in order to fulfill internal or external requirements, chances are your company has had to face the question of whether or not to buy a learning management system (LMS), or in some cases, to upgrade your existing LMS, or switch to a different […]