rick swanson
Rick Swanson

Rick Swanson

Learning Meets Quality founder Rick Swanson is a long-time educator and small business consultant. Rick holds degrees in chemistry, education, and history of science, is trained as a Six Sigma Black Belt, and always loves helping a client or colleague work through a tough challenge. People appreciate his good humor, his grasp of the big picture, and his ability to bring calm and order to chaotic situations.

Rick is an avid photographer, family history researcher, music lover, and advocate for small business and nonprofits. He still practices a little chemistry in the form of wine-making and beer brewing. With his wife, Janet, he co-owns Fox and Swan Arts, a small photography business.

Rick has authored two books: Success from the Ashes (2014), and the recently released, SPARC: How to Build Sustainable Partnerships (2017).

Mission Statement

Promote small business and nonprofits in their local communities.

Core Beliefs and Core Values

My core beliefs:

1) Small businesses and nonprofit organizations make communities vibrant.

2) Each day provides an opportunity to improve over yesterday.

3) Building relationships is the most rewarding aspect of operating a small business.

My core values:

1) Spread joy and positive humor

2) Promote arts, music, and culture

3) Embrace scientific and rational thought

4) Advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion

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